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~ Welcome~

Welcome to Puggin Puppies website. We are a family owned business that has been breeding dogs for 3 generations. We live on a farm outside of Orange NSW with 4 children and a managerie of animals.

We specialise in breeding pug crosses and have been doing so since 2002. We have carefully selected top quality dogs of both appearance and nature to breed with and we pride ourselves on both the physical and mental state of our dogs.

We have a regular regime of vaccinating, worming and flea control that ensures our dogs are in the peak of health. Our dogs are fed on the highest quality feed including; rice for carbohydrates, meat for protein and iron, eggs for coats, vitamins and minerals for general well being, calcium essential for pregnant bitches and growing puppies and bones for their teeth.

Puppies are left quietly with their mothers for the first few weeks and then socialization begins. All our puppies have experienced our children, other dogs, cats, chooks and even horses.

Dogs are regularly exercised and have play time together, for we believe that this is not only good for their fitness, but for their mental well being.

We encourage questions from potential buyers as we feel it is very important for people to be confident in their decision of which type of puppy would best suit their environment. We also offer ongoing support/contact for the life of your dog.

All our puppies are sold microchipped, vaccinated, wormed regularly and vet checked. You will also receive a booklet from us outlining your puppys' ongoing care and needs.


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