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~ The Breeds ~

Pure Breed


The pug is an ancient breed dating back to 700bc, originating in China and then gaining popularity in Denmark, England and eventually America. They were bred purely as companions and amusement for their owners, and are considered to be a very affectionate and loyal family dog. They love people and other dogs and prefer to spend most of their time with their family. They will alert to strangers but generally love everyone friend or foe. They are a stocky, muscular dog reknowned for their flat wrinkled faces. They grow to a height of about 32cm and as healthy mature adults will weigh 8-10kgs. They come in fawn, silver, black and apricot although fawn is their most common colouring.

Cross or Designer Breed

Designer dogs are the intentional hybrids between two purebreeds, such as the ones we have chosen, to produce dogs of quality and to eliminate inherent health problems of the pure breeds. 

We breed 1st and 2nd cross designer breed puppies; 1st cross is where both parents are pure bred resulting in puppies that are 1/2 pug, 1/2 the chosen breed. 2nd cross is where one parent is of pure breeding and the other is a 1st cross, resulting in puppies that are 3/4 pug, 1/4 the chosen breed.


These are robust little puppies capturing both the intelligence and playfulness of the Jack Russell and the loyalty and affection of the pug.

They adapt well to any family environment be it a single person in an apartment to a family with any age children. They very much belong to everyone in a household and are not possessive. They will alert you to a stranger but are not yappy. They are a very loving and forgiving family member and do not typically show any signs of aggression.

They are a stocky dog that develops a slightly snub nose (more snubbed in the 2nd cross) and the curly tail of the pug. Their colouring is usually solid tan from light cream to quite a red tan and can also occassionally be black or in 2nd cross can be fawn. They may have white markings on chin, chest, belly or paws. Their coats can be either smooth or slightly scruffy requiring minimal care and no clipping. They grow to a height of approx. 30cm and as healthy adults will weigh 6-8kgs. They have minimal health issues. They are available in 1st and 2nd cross.


These puppies are very similar in appearance and personality to the pugell although can also throw more to the mini foxy and be quite fine, still developing the slightly snub nose (more snubbed in the 2nd cross) and curly pug tail. Their coats are fine and smooth and they may have white markings on chin, chest, belly or paws. The finer type weigh 5-7kgs as healthy adults. They have minimal health issues. Available in the same colours as the pugell also in 1st and 2nd cross.

Like the pugell these dogs are suitable for unit life and are excellent with young kids. 


These puppies are a small dog, slightly larger than a pure pug, they are a very affectionate and have a calm personality although will happily walk for a long time and do enjoy agility. they generally have a black mask and are tan in colour with the long ears of a cavalier, their coats can be either short or longer like the cav, they have a pug like face with a slightly longer nose. as healthy adults they should weigh between 6-8kgs.

These dogs are suitable for unit life and are excellent with young kids.


Very cute little balls of fluff! These dogs are small, puggy in the face, fluffy and affectionate. they do require some grooming although weekly is sufficient, can be clipped if desired but not required. they are gentle, intelligent and playful. They love people. Their faces are quite puggy. They are everyone in the households dog but will alert to strangers in their home. they do not require a lot of exercise but do enjoy a daily walk. suitable for any type of home including units.


These puppies capture both the intelligence and zest for life of the chihuahua and the loyalty and affection of the pug. Whilst being quite gregarious they do tend to bond closer to one member of the family. They are a small compact dog with a smooth coat in a variety of solid colours. Growing to a height of approx 25cm and as mature healthy adults weigh 5-7kgs. Their noses are quite snubbed and look similar to a finer, smaller pug. They have minimal health issues. Available in 1st cross only.

These dogs are best suited to older children but do prefer to be one persons special friend. they are suited to apartment life.


These dogs are larger than a pure pug but smaller than a pure staffy, they are very affectionate and loyal. they do remain puppy like until about 4yrs of age but are relatively easy to train. a very stocky dog with a short snout and smooth coat. suitable for children but best with kids from about 6yrs of age due to size and strength.  they are gentle but sometimes do not know their size. they love people and will want to hang out with you. best suited to a home with a yard.

these dogs will be available in 2nd cross by end of 2013, early 2014.


This is a very popular cross amongst pugs and is larger than a pure pug, smaller than a beagle. very intelligent and loyal, they do require a well fenced yard as the beagle loves to wander. great with kids and very cute with long ears, smooth coat. they have a shorter snout than the beagle but longer than the pug. a relatively stocky dog. suitable for homes with a yard or where they will get exercised daily.

these dogs will be available in 2nd cross by end of 2013, early 2014.

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